MAY 29 – JUNE 20

Meiko Georgouras is a digital artist with profound disabilities who paints with her eyes. A severe brain injury some years ago left her unable to move or speak. Technology is the key to innovation for a person with disabilities and, drawing from her training as a designer at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts, Meiko uses a Surface tablet, an eye-gaze system and graphics applications to create individual digital paintings and drawings which are printed on archival paper using high quality inks chosen for their longevity.


In this new series of work called “Surface”, Meiko takes the viewer onto the surface of her consciousness, like a pane of glass through which one views the world. Line and colour pulsate and dissolve in a procession of twenty-one works, from small monotones to larger multicoloured pieces. Colour is the keyboard, while the eyes are hammers which fall in rhythms of shape and tone connecting strings of emotions and memories.


20 per cent of the sales from this exhibition will be donated for research at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre to help build a brighter future for those overcome with disorders of the brain and mind.