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ON PAPER ~ 27 November - 16th December 2015

selection of works

This exhibition began with friendship.

The three artists, who have talked for years about their shared interests while pursuing individual projects, were keen to create an exhibition together. So without labouring over a premise that might inhibit them in making and selecting their contributions, Petty, Rothwell and Frost each brought toughly ten works to the table to see what would transpire. Walcha Gallery of Art was a venue found through another friendship: with the artists of the New England region, specifically Ross Laurie and Myf Gullifer. On Paper is the result of this collaboration, and without distorting what is really a presentation by three independent artists it is worth noting a few shared themes.

Water is a recurring feature in the exhibition, as a subject for many of the works and as the medium each artist uses (ink, wash, gouache) to bring a sense of transparency and motion to their compositions. All three artists live in Sydney in proximity to the harbour and the coast, and Rothwell in particular identifies with the tidal landscape of the New South Wales North Coast where she grew up and continues to find inspiration. Frost's works in On Paper represent the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and a less familiar location of Waiheke Island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, where he participated in a residency in 2014. Its milky, turquoise waters, vineyards and olive groves gave him a new configuration of the ocean meeting the land. With Petty we find fluidity itself rather than water as such; a sense of movement between the big picture and small details that calls to mind a river dividing into many small streams as it runs from source to mouth.

The possibility of movement finding expression in a still image is something that excites all three artists, and each one finds the visual pace appropriate to the functioning of their mind and the qualities of their material. Petty's networks of penlines zap like electric cabling. Rothwell's snail-paced marks find their paths searchingly through textured accretions of paint and collaged paper. Rothwell and Petty both make animated films as well as drawings, and even when limited to a single sheet of paper their minds turn to representations of processes that evolve in time: coastal rocks being weathered by tidal water for Rothwell, for Petty the accumulation of ideas and arguments in the social and political spheres. For this exhibition in Walcha he has also turned his attention to agricultural subjects remembered from a childhood on an orchard in Victoria, the origin of the machine imagery for which he is famous. For Frost, a painter, the scenic aspect of visual experience is more to the forefront, and within the framed view he seeks to keep the eye roving, working to piece the parts together.

Improvisation, the invention of structure through spontaneous play, is a common method for Petty, Rothwell and Frost. Perhaps their deepest similarity is their determination to stay on the trail of discovery and find fresh solutions to a familiar problem: how to make a picture that is true to life.

Nov 2015 Exhibition

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Oct 2015 Exhibition

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Amy Clarke Matilda Julian Amy Clarke

May 2015 Exhibition

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March 2015 Exhibition

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February 2015 Exhibition
December 2014 Exhibition  - 12th December 2014

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New York to Newcastle - 7th November 2014

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The Sum of Us - opens 3rd October 2014 6pm

Kearns-Boggs-Invite - opening 25th July 2014

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From Mind to Metal -

Bobby Waugh

Summer Landscape -

Piers Bateman

New England Landscape -

John Andrews

7th March 2014 - 29th March 2014

Catalogue (4.8mb)

Walcha City of Art -

Angus Nivison, Stephen King, Ross Laurie, James Rogers, Myfanwy Gullifer & Julia Griffin

17th December 2013 - 16th Feb 2014

Catalogue (3.5mb)

Alec Gill & Andreas Buisman -

15th November 2013

Catalogue (2.9mb)

Drawing on a Suburban Background -

James Rogers

Bush Wall & Gentle Morning -

Fay Porter

23rd August 2013

Catalogue (2.3mb)

Angus Nivison & Friends -

Angus Nivison, Christopher Hodges, Helen Eager & John R. Walker

26th July 2013 - 21st August 2013

Catalogue (2.3mb)

New Work -

Michelle Hungerford and Gabrielle Collins

14th June 2013 - 16th July 2013

Catalogue (4.4mb)

The Kunderang Show -

Michelle Hungerford, Daniel Kyle, Charmaine Pike, Stephen King, Julia Griffin, Andrew MacDonald, Gemma King, Pene McKeown, Angeliki Androutsopoulos

10th May 2013 - 12th June 2013

Catalogue (5.8mb)