Corrine Loxton

Artist’s Statement

At times life feels chaotic, demanding, goal directed and even alienating. Issues, media, and responsibilities seem to shout for our attention, crowding out stillness and contemplation.

Despite and even because of the craziness of the world we live in, I paint to create a connection with you and to inspire you to develop a connection with the natural world. Art enables you and me to know and cherish our shared humanity, to see the world with fresh eyes and to experience hope.

I use the metaphor of landscape because when I was a child in South Africa, my Grandmother taught me to 'see' the natural world with the eyes of an artist. She showed me how to use my hands to make things of beauty. I understood then that to live my life fully, I would need to connect deeply with nature and respond to my impulse to create.

The natural world is a place of retreat for me - my place to be free, to commune, reflect and be reenergized. Nature’s processes teach me truths about life and the human condition.

Although my work is landscape and not figurative, it is really a celebration of the grandeur and simplicity of life, of heartbreaks and heartaches, of aspirations, triumphs and failures. The images offer you passage to deep reflection and insight.

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